Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Unfortunately not every business or individual have a data backup. If you are in a situation where you feel your data has been lost due to a faulty hard drive, USB flash drive, or Solid state drive (SSD) we can most likely recover it.

Signs of a failed or failing drive:


  • Hard drive not spinning at all
  • Hard drive was formatted
  • Hard drive is clicking
  • Hard drive is beeping
  • Hard drive is grinding or making other noises
  • You are missing some important files
  • You smelled smoke when turning on computer or device
  • Can not access drive
  • You have a RAID failure
  • You require a forensic data recovery
  • Your pictures or videos are no longer on your memory card
  • Your computer or device prompts there is no drive present

We can more than likely recover your data.

  • Simple straight forward, and accurate price quotes. No deceptive pricing, or bait and switch quotes.
  • No up-front payment required. Once we receive your drive* we offer a free evaluation, recovery attempt, and a list of recovered files before paying any recovery fees.
  • All data recovery is done in Madison, WI. No shipping your drive off to another state, or country.
  • All Aloka IT employees are background checked, and trained to protect your privacy.
  • Industry leading data recovery success rates.

* A fee may apply for shipping, or personal pickup and delivery of your drive.